Travel Photography changes the way we see the world

Why I Love Travel Photography

There is a magic in travel photography,
that I think everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Living in today’s society we often forget the things that matter most in life, like caring for one another & taking care of our beautiful planet earth. The best way to remind myself is to go wandering and exploring around the globe. Every single time I visit a new place, I just realise that there is so much that I still need to learn and that there are way more things I should be grateful for in life. I can feel it changing & humbling me in very small but significant ways.

Travel photography takes you on a personal growth journey, it is all about bringing our world to people and exposing them to what else is out there. It’s about educating people about the customs of other cultures, showing them how they are similar or different from their own. P.S. All the pictures on this page were taken with my Canon EOS 1200D, I hope you enjoy them!

4 Reasons Why Travel Photography Is So Rewarding


Reason #1

You will develop a deep love
and respect for this planet

It’s very easy to take this world for granted. It’s not like we try to, but we rarely take the time to get out there and see the world outside of our cities and busy routine. Photographing this magical planet, helps you to be more aware of your surroundings and to fully understand the importance of respecting and protecting it.

Reason #2

You get to revisit your best
memories time and time again

By capturing your wanderful moments into eternity, you can go back in time and warm up your heart. Revisit and relive those memories that are worth remembering, those moments that you have shared and the lessons that you have learned. You can go back to the sights, the sounds and even the smells.



Reason #3

You get to capture Earth's most beautiful places and moments

If you think about it, you are capturing a moment of the Earth's history in the place you are shooting. You may take a photo that can never be replicated. Each day is unique; not only do you get to experience these beautiful places, you also have ownership of that historical piece of art.

Reason #4

You'll never run out of places
to see and capture

What makes it even more rewarding is that you can spend your entire life photographing our planet and not even scratch the surface of what you can see and shoot. It's the most beautiful dilemma you could ever have: too many beautiful places, too little time.


My Travel Stories

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